“I love Israel”
"I love Israel" - Valeria Brin

Valeria Brin was thirteen years old when she arrived at a Jewish Agency summer camp in Russia, an experience that changed her life forever.

“From the moment I got to the Jewish Agency summer camp, I was hooked” Valeria says, “and I knew very early on that I really wanted my children to grow up in Israel. I spent several seasons in the summer camps both as a participant and as an instructor. My husband was also at camp, and that’s how we met and fell in love“.

The couple eventually came to Israel through the help of the Jewish Agency, which paid for their flight, Hebrew language school, and housing for their first few months in israel. The couple’s arrival in Israel was accompanied by another special arrival, their healthy baby boy. “We called him Jonathan”, Valeria explains, “because my first activity at the Jewish Agency summer camp was about Operation Jonathan (the Entebbe raid named after Jonathan Netanyahu), and now I live in Israel!”